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Mix Virginia/Burley




Promotion Price / 1 kg
From 1kg to 4kg 10,00 €
From 5kg to 9kg 9,5 €
From 10kg to 19kg 9 €
From 20kg to 49kg 8,50 €
From 50kg to 99kg 8 €
From 100kg 7 €

(Maximum weight a pack – 15kg)

The Virginia / Burley Mix is half of Virginia leaves and half of Burley leaves. A special offer for customers who appreciate appreciating the aromas of these tobacco leaves. Remembering that the leaves of Burley are in their totality dark and on the contrary the leaves of Virginia are clear with low contents of nicotine and with high levels of sugar.

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* the price is per unit (1kg)

Weight 1 kg